Education Services

    At BITadvisors, we take seriously the challenge of providing value to your organization through customized technical training, coaching and mentoring solutions. Whether your organization is training new hires, developing current employees, or deploying a new software solution, let BITadvisors help you convert information into insight.

    BITadvisors offers authorized training for SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports, IBM WebSphere, Java-related and mainframe technologies and more. Our two-classroom facility is also available for rental by your organization for training or meeting space.

    BITadvisors offers the following educational services:

    • Public Classes – Attend a class at BIT Advisor’s comfortable, well-equipped facility in Bloomfield, CT.
    • Remote Virtual Classes – Enroll in live, instructor-led training via the SAP Business Objects Virtual Lab—all without leaving your home or office!
    • Private and/or Onsite Training – Let BITadvisors provide a private class or “boot camp” for your employees, either in our Bloomfield facility or onsite at your location.
    • Mentoring – BITadvisors’ instructors offer onsite or remote mentoring to guide your employees through challenging situations or provide follow-up assistance after a class.
    • Custom Content & Courseware – BIT Advisor’s curriculum writers and developers can create web-based tutorials of fully interactive instructor-led courses that meet the needs of your employees or customers.
    • Partnered Delivery Services – Let BITadvisors assist you in the cost-effective delivery of your organization’s training offerings to your staff or your customer base.

    Contact us today to see how BITadvisors can meet your organization’s training needs.

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