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Remove SnapDo virus from Chrome, Firefox and IE


Users experiencing issues because of SnapDo adware interference can find all the necessary details here regarding the security side of the matter.

Snapdo.com and the Snap.do Smartbar are mostly referenced in the context of browser hijacking, despite the fact that this service is claimed to deliver user-friendly features to enhance sharing, searching, working and playing activities online. The customizable toolbar, which sits right below the URL area in the browser, appears to be an aggregate of these functionalities so that you needn’t go anywhere else to quickly post stuff on Facebook, look up the information of interest, capture the screen and even listen to the favorite radio station. People are not informed of this app’s side effects upfront, though. Its malicious facet includes browser history tracking, ad serving, and the tweaking of Internet preferences.

Snap.do Smartbar added to the browser
Snap.do Smartbar added to the browser

As a rule, the user’s consent is not on the list of prerequisites for Snapdo.com adware installation – at least this information is vague on the PC infiltration stage. A large network of affiliated setup clients is in place to deliver the controversial extension to computers. In these circumstances, allusion to the drive-by extra component tends to be put in small font somewhere in the footnotes of the installation wizard, which significantly reduces the likelihood of users remarking it. So think twice before clicking the Next button on some freeware setup related dialogs.

Snapdo.com search page
Snapdo.com search page

As it’s been mentioned, alterations made to browser settings are among the adverse consequences caused by this application. It automatically makes Search.snapdo.com site the default search engine, homepage and new tab in all popular web browsers. All of these changes will be in effect as long as the adware is running on the workstation. Additionally, the extension adds the same URL to the browser shortcut properties. Another abominable thing about the Snapdo.com virus is intrusive advertising. In particular, it may inject ads titled “by Smartbar”, or similar, into the visited pages, making the victim’s web surfing routine unbearable at times.

Removing the adware add-on isn’t enough to prevent Search.snapdo.com from being visited off and on. The toolbar is designed to affect the PC on a deeper level, including the Registry and system startup, so the effective cleanup is supposed to be more thorough.

Run security software to remove SnapDo virus

Antimalware industry has got an efficient response to threats like SnapDo. A combination of signature-based detection and heuristics built into the recommended security tool can accurately identify the plague so that removal becomes a simple, one-click experience.

  1. Download and install SnapDo remover. Once the tool is running, click Start Computer Scan.

    Download Snap.do remover

  2. Upon completion of the scan, the program will display a list of harmful items that were detected. Select the Fix Threats feature in order to have the adware automatically removed.

Manually uninstall the malware using Programs and Features

  1. Access the Control Panel. Click on Programs and select Uninstall a programControl Panel Programs
  2. Click the Installed On column title to sort the list of programs by date, which makes it easier to spot the recent ones. Look for suspicious entries. If SnapDo is listed (which isn’t always the case), select the program and hit the Uninstall button at the top, or select the corresponding option from the right-click context menuUninstall a program

Remove Snap.do from the web browser

The technique covered below is intended to restore original settings of the browsers targeted by this adware. Please be advised that all benign add-ons as well as cached information and website data will be lost along with the malicious components.

Troubleshoot Google Chrome malfunctioning

  1. Go to the Chrome menu icon as shown below and pick Settings on the listChrome Settings
  2. Select Show advanced settings at the very bottom of the screenChrome Advanced settings
  3. Click the Reset settings buttonChrome Reser settings
  4. Read the notification carefully to learn what types of data will be erased and click ResetReset Chrome
  5. Restart the Chrome browser.

Fix the problem in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Type about:support in address bar to bring up the Troubleshooting information pageFirefox about:support
  2. Click Refresh Firefox button in the right-hand grayish boxFirefox Troubleshooting information
  3. Peruse the alert. If you agree to the changes, click Refresh FirefoxRefresh Firefox
  4. Restart Firefox.

Restore Internet Explorer defaults

  1. Click Tools or Gear icon in IE and pick Internet Options from the suggested entriesInternet Explorer Options
  2. Go to Advanced tab and click Reset buttonReset Internet Explorer settings
  3. Enable the Delete personal settings feature and click Reset to completeReset IE
  4. It takes a PC reboot for the changes to be applied, so go ahead and follow the prompts.

Put the finishing touches to SnapDo removal

Adware activity isn’t restricted to adding malicious browser extensions and program files. These sorts of infections are known to also meddle with Registry information and system startup settings, consequently a thoroughgoing fix may involve more action than manual troubleshooting. So consider rescanning your PC to make sure the threat is no longer there.

Download SnapDo removal tool